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Psalm 137: On the Willows

She is the mother of three and grandmother of seven super smart children. She served 21 years on the Mayfield City School Board. A biography that brings Winston Churchill to life. Born into an aristocratic British family with an American mother, Churchill considered the United States his second home. Cynthia A. In this latest installment of the Mermaid Tales series, Kiki and her friends learn about coding as they compete to be the escort for young narwhal who will visit Trident Academy with her famous parents.

Debbie Dadey is an award-winning children's book author who has written more than books. Debbie lives with her husband, three children, and three dogs in Tennessee. This imaginative alphabet book teaches young learners not only how to move from A to Z but also how to creatively have fun as they stay active and keep their bodies healthy and strong.

She danced professionally in the US and Latin America. She has written two books for teachers and has written articles in journals and verses in Highlights magazines. From A to Z with Energy! As a mummy is transported down the street in a silver casket, a spooky parade follows, with a witch on bass drum, a skeleton on snare, a black cat on trombone, a jack-o-lantern on clarinet, and more.

Johnette Downing is the author of twenty-four picture and board books for children, eleven recordings for children, and one nonfiction book for adults. Her book Today is Monday in Kentucky is part of a four-book series. Willa was a true pioneer who broke barriers to become the first licensed female pilot in the country. She fought for the rights of young black pilots to serve their country during World War II.

Peggy Goodman is a children's book author who began writing after retiring from teaching. She is a life-long resident of Kentucky and lives in Glasgow with her husband Charles. A cloud with a mind of her own and a gift for making awe-inspiring shapes encourages her friends to go beyond their practical functions and expand their imaginative horizons. Wendy Greenley has been an ice cream scooper, microbiologist, attorney, Cub Scout leader, and dog rescue PR. One son currently lives in KY. This charming tale honors celebrating holiday customs with those you love.

He uses mixed media to create his magical illustrations. Kuda is a grump who doesn't like change. When he wakes up to find new neighbors and loud, strange noises in his woods, he is not happy. Will his desire to be with his friends overcome his objections to loud sounds? Features helpful backmatter about Sensory Integration and insider jokes for parents with autistic kids.

4 Mysterious & TWISTED FAMILY SECRETS Finally Uncovered

Sherry Howard lives with her kids and silly dogs in Middletown, Kentucky. She used to be a principal and now writes about fascinating things and tells lies for fiction stories. When a kid on the planet Trinichia crashes a drone into a government monitoring pole, he floats home fearing arrest. But at home his family is planning an escape. They steal a spaceship and head to Bardstown, Kentucky. The space alien now masquerades as a human named Iko Newman. Gail Kamer spent the years before becoming a children's book writer as a teacher and principal. Gail is married and lives in Kentucky.

Lyon has published award-winning books for readers of all ages, and her poem, "Where I'm From," has been used as a model by teachers around the world. Originally from the mountains of Kentucky, Lyon works as a freelance writer and teacher based in Lexington, where she lives with her husband, writer and musician Steve Lyon. They have two grown sons.

This is the story of a small family farm across several generations.


Part historical fiction and part personal memoir, it reminds us of what is most important in life. She is a wife, mother of four children, and shepherdess in rural Southeastern Kentucky, where her family has lived for seven generations. They get up together early each morning before the sun rises to write down the stories that fill their dreams.

Lucas and Sophia live with their family on a hilltop close to the Kentucky River Palisades. Featuring original nursery rhymes in a time-honored Appalachian style, this volume celebrates the language, art, and music of the mountains. Illustrated by folk-artist Minnie Adkins, this multifaceted book extends traditional Appalachian culture to a new generation of readers. Mike Norris was the director of communications at Centre College for sixteen years before he retired. Watch the miracle of life unfold through two cardinals, Jim and Ginny, as they prepare for their baby birds to hatch.

Ed finds joy in sharing his first book with children. He lives in Lexington, KY with his wife Suzanne. They have three grown children and four beautiful grand children. She cannot swim. What do you think will happen? It's all fun and games at Summer Camp Sobol until strange things start happening. Campers go missing, Bigfoot might exist, and does anyone know what's really in the coleslaw? Henry Clay Morrison was a Methodist minister raised in rural Kentucky.

This inventive mystery-adventure is perfect for fans of Pseudonymous Bosch and R. Christopher Rowe has been a finalist for many awards, including the Hugo and Nebula. He lives in Lexington with his wife, the writer Gwenda Bond. After her mother's boyfriend robs a convenience store, and her mother is wrongly jailed for assisting him, year-old Ruby and her pet pig, Bunny, head to the home of Ruby's estranged Aunt Eleanor, an ornery nun. Corabel Shofner is a wife, mother, attorney, and author. Cute possum characters inhabit the endless vocational possibilities in delightful and humorous ways, assuring young people that they really can be what they set out to be.

He was inspired to write a song about possums saving Christmas after appearing on the "Tim White Bluegrass Show. The Meatshower is a new children's book by author Mick Sullivan that tells the true story of the day meat fell from the sky on March 3, in Bath County, Kentucky. Mick Sullivan is a musician and museum educator with a passion for sharing stories and history. He lives with his wife and two sons in Louisville, KY. Mick is the creator and producer of The Past and The Curious , a history podcast for kids and families.

Roll With It is a middle grade novel that follows year-old Ellie, who dreams of being a famous chef instead of just "the kid with cerebral palsy" as she tries to find her place after moving to small-town when her grandfather's Alzheimer's takes a turn for the worse. She writes and speaks about disability in literature and loves stories that celebrate the grit and beauty in all kids.

A full-color children's picture book on one side, and an interactive coloring book on the other. Printed on accordion-style pages, the message of the book is simple: we all have gifts to share with the world, and there's room for each of us to express ourselves. Her work explores the relationship between architecture, art, and storytelling.

Daisy has only 10 weeks to prove her usefulness or be sent back to the pound. Determined to become an elite protector, Daisy vows to ace the service dog test. Kristin Tubb writes books full of heart and humor from her home in Tennessee, where she lives with her family. Mama has a baby in her tummy, and soon the family will be bigger and better. Luckily Ruby knows all about babies, and she tells Max all about it. And he thinks I have the key. We better have some fantastic tricks up our sleeves, or we're going to all end up imprisoned with Houdini.

Or worse. He lives in Louisville with his weird family and their weirder cat, Mr. Strange creatures at school, a murder mystery, a time traveler, and more. Hang on to your hats as you read six short stories of excitement and adventure. Thrilling tales for middle grade children and others. Ben is a mostly retired adventurer who has traveled across Tibet, climbed to 18, feet on Mt. Everest, and solo backpacked wilderness areas. He now writes adventure stories for boys and girls. Tales of lost gold and river caves and flying with eagles.

Stories of friendships that endure through adversity and danger. Adventures that inspire and educate and most of all entertain. While overcoming a caddywompus split between his mother and little sinister, Driew recovers a lost family memoir uprooting tragic family secrets.

Gin Mill Grill: A Sandi Webster Mystery

A mysterious aint may be the key to unraveling his past and finding his story. The Australian girl-next-door coerces Driew into accepting Magic Man's purpose and seeking a hidden Aboriginal songline Outback. Mark Wayne Adams illustrated over 60 children's books that have won over book awards. He promotes reading and writing via public speaking engagements, book signings, and participation in book events. An adaptation of the spell-binding lore of the Egyptian Sky God Horus, one of the most powerful gods in ancient history. Embark on a mythical journey of self-discovery with extraordinary revelations.

Anastasia's storytelling resonates with darkness, charm, and wonder. She is also a professional voice talent. A stunning surrealist portrait, this is a story about all the ways we hurt our friends without knowing it and all the ways they stick around to save us. David Arnold lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with his lovely wife and boisterous son. When Nomi is banished from Bellaqua, she finds herself headed towards certain death. Her only hope is to find her sister, Serina, on the prison island of Mount Ruin. When Nomi arrives, the island is in the grip of revolution, Serina its leader.

The stakes are higher and the battles bolder in Banghart's sequel to Grace and Fury. Tracy Banghart grew up in Maryland and spent her summers on a remote island in northern Ontario. Always a nomad, Tracy now travels Army-wife style with her husband, son, and pets. A mysterious lab. A sinister scientist. A secret history. Gwenda Bond is the New York Times bestselling author of many novels.

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She and her husband Christopher Rowe also co-write a middle grade series, the Supernormal Sleuthing Service. She co-hosts Cult Faves , a podcast about the weird world of cults and extreme belief. Since she started boxing with at a gym in Brooklyn, Gravity is finding her talent for breaking things has an upside. With Olympic dreams, Gravity will have to decide what is worth fighting for. Her essays have appeared in The New York Times and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and works with young boxers.

But when her grandmother needs a caretaker, Briony returns to the valley where she lost everything. With the help of a strange boy, Briony begins piecing together her missing past to find a hidden world of nature spirits Lindsey Duga is a young adult and middle grade author from Baton Rouge, LA.

Her middle grade debut, The Haunting , is slated for Feb. Dee, a poor boy from Bowling Green, struggles to overcome obstacles in school and in life. Cathy, a poor girl from Owensboro, yearns for recognition and acceptance. Cathy and Dee experience setbacks, successes, and joy as they strive to live the American Dream. Lauren Hudson, a Singletary Scholar at the University of Kentucky, has authored four award-winning books. Her latest title, co-authored with her father and illustrated by her grandfather, tells Kentucky stories of family success in overcoming hardship to live the American Dream.

Hey, Kiddo is a profoundly important graphic memoir about growing up in a family grappling with addiction and finding the art that helps you survive. He also recently launched a new story arc in the Jedi Academy series. He lives in Massachusetts with his family and their pugs. Mansy grew up in Chicago, where she spent years working with youth. The Memory Thief , inspired by her own journey with her mother, is her first novel. An advocate for increased awareness of gendered violence, as well as LGBTQ equality, she writes in the hope that her books can foster change.

She lives in Charlotte, NC with her partner and their family of dogs and cats. In the desert kingdom of Achra, Princess Kateri must fight to prove her right to rule. The punishment for stealing water is a choice between two doors: behind one, freedom; and behind the other, a tiger. Annie Sullivan loves fairytales, Jane Austen, and traveling. When things in her hometown become volatile, Jude and her mother are sent to live in Cincinnati with relatives.

This life-affirming story is about losing and finding home and finding yourself. Jasmine lives in an apartment filled with books with her husband, two tiny daughters, dog, and cat. Nora Pennington, owner of Miracle Books, believes that a well-chosen novel can bring healing and hope. She and the members of the Secret, Book, and Scone Society know that sometimes practical help is needed too. When a customer is found dead, Nora uncovers a connection that points to the girl as either a suspect—or another target. When a second death hits, Nora and her friends must help the sheriff discern fact from fiction.

New York Times bestseller author Ellery Adams has written over 30 novels. She lives with her family in central North Carolina. It's in Lexington, Kentucky, and Robert O'Hara Benjamin, the African-American lawyer, preacher, and editor of The Standard , shows little fear in his fight against the corrupt and racist Democratic machine.

This novel covers the life and tragedies of these times. Joseph G.

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Raised in the North East, he moved from Manhattan to Hazard in He and his wife of 40 years live in Lexington. He is a physician in New York City. In this high-concept psychological suspense novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Somebody's Daughter , a chance meeting with a woman in an airport sends a man on a pulse-pounding quest for the truth. After solving two murders, bike shop owner Evie Bloomfield thought life on Mackinac Island would settle into boredom until she finds out Nate Sutter, police chief and once-upon-a-time under cover cop is on the run.

In college, Lilly Jameson and Adin Driscoll are as close as friends can get, until Lilly leaves unexpectedly at the end of their sophomore year. Nearly 10 years pass without contact when a sudden invitation from her parents brings them back together. Tasha Cotter is the author of the two poetry collections and three chapbooks.

This book was co-written with Christopher Green. This debut collection takes us from rural Kentucky and Ohio to a village in South Korea in 13 engaging stories. Michael Croley was born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Americus follows the lives of identical twins Asar and Set Americus. When Set contracts vitiligo at age 10, he goes from family favorite to stare-provoking freak. If you've ever wished you could go back and experience the s and '70s, this novel is for you.

Deaton examines both sides of the political fence with references to the genius music that made those tumultuous decades as bright and shining as the ideals of love and peace. Darcie and Walter Goodwin join the Shakers to escape a cholera epidemic, planning a temporary stay. When Walter dies in an accident, Darcie and her child have to stay with the Shakers. In this celibate community, Darcie is in a lonely position. Ann H. Gabhart, bestselling author of over 30 novels, writes stories using Kentucky history and locations. She wants more than a lifetime of caring for her disabled brother, Leo, with whom she shares a supernatural mental connection.

After Lulu convinces a cousin she conducts electricity with her touch, her father grooms her into a new woman: The Magnetic Girl. She teaches at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. A birding guide is found dead. The murder rattles locals and birders who flock to Galveston for the influx of Sandhill Cranes. With sidekick Ned "The Pelican Man" Quinn, Xena Cali and her team explore the tenuous relationship between commerce and nature to solve the case.

Lisa Haneberg has published over 15 nonfiction books and 3 books in her Spy Shop mystery series. She lives with her husband in Lexington, Kentucky. In a mansion filled with peculiar treasures, January Scaller is a curiosity herself. She finds a strange book that tells a tale of secret doors; of love, adventure and danger. Each page-turn reveals truths about the world, and January discovers a story increasingly entwined with her own.

Alix E. Harrow is a part-time historian with a full-time desk job and excessive library fines. She and her husband live in Kentucky with their kids and pets. Herriman left an engineering career to take up the pen. In his latest novel, award-winning writer Lamar Herrin explores the kaleidoscopic effect of memory while examining the rise and fall of life in the South. Herrin, professor emeritus at Cornell University, is the author of seven novels. Printed for the first time since , Lucy Furman's classic novel tells the true story of two unmarried women who establish the Hindman Settlement School.

If you like female sleuths who are snarky, brassy, and fun, you'll love Josiah solving murder mysteries along with her friends in the glamorous Bluegrass: where Thoroughbreds race, bourbon is oak-cured, and antebellum mansions keep their secrets. Abigail Keam is an award-winning author who writes the Josiah Reynolds Mystery series about a Southern beekeeper turned amateur female sleuth in the Bluegrass. After four bridge players are poisoned, newspaper reporter Wendy Winchester sets out to catch a killer who's not playing with a full deck.

Lee was born and grew up in the Mississippi River port of Natchez. She is the mother of two daughters and the grandmother of five and lives in Lexington, KY. Patchwork contains short stories; chapters from Mason's acclaimed novels; and riveting excerpts from Mason's eclectic nonfiction. Mason's writing glows with a nuanced understanding of the struggles and pathos of American life in the 20th and 21st centuries. Her memoir, Clear Springs , was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Can these couples hang onto their faith and develop love during times of intense change? Rose began writing over 10 years ago after retiring from teaching.

Bloodied and disoriented from a head wound, Darrick MacBrehon staggers out of the mine crack in Redbird, West Virginia a much more powerful man. Lourana Taylor is a sweepstakes operator in search of her missing daughter. With help from deputy Marco DeLucca and local journalist Zadie Person, Darrick and Lourana push against everyone who tries to block the truth. She teaches creative writing in North Carolina. Bill Noel is the best-selling author of 15 novels in the popular Folly Beach Mystery series.

Besides being an award-winning novelist, Noel is a fine arts photographer and lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife Susan. A collection of stories told mainly from the perspective of Norman's fictional protagonist Wilgus Collier. A professor of English at the University of Kentucky, where he has taught creative writing for 40 years, Gurney Norman is known for his fiction, mentoring of young writers, and media work about Kentucky and Appalachia.

Six months after a drug cartel infiltrated Charleston, Ronan McCullough continues to fight the drug war that plagues the city. His investigations are halted when the body of a mutual acquaintance, Sarah Gilmore, is found in the trunk of a burning car. As Ronan seeks answers, his life and the lives of those closest to him are used as pawns in a deadly game.

She is faced with the decision to move to the city where her husband has a business or stay in the country in the home that she loves. Third in the Landing Run series, Emmalene's Diary is in progress. USA Today bestselling author Tiffany Reisz returns to the world of The Red with The Rose , an imaginative sequel full of lust and magic and the dangers unleashed when the two are combined.

In the southeastern Kentucky town of Pine Gap, coal is the economy, faith is the community, and comings and goings are few and far between. Jamie Eskill may want more from life than Pine Gap can offer, but leaving is complicated. She sees a body being tossed out of an upstairs window at the old McKutcheon place. Or at least she thinks she does Everyone has been talking about Grayson Armstrong ever since this dark-haired year-old preacher drove into town 12 years before with his pretty wife and two boys.

It's his untimely death, though, that has everyone trying to understand who they thought he was. Robinson's calming prose and timely story encourages us to open our hearts and challenge our perceptions. Obama and Biden reprise their roles as BFFs-turned-detectives as they chase Obama's stolen cell phone through the mean streets of Chicago and right into a vast conspiracy. He is a two-time Goodreads Choice Award nominee and a finalist in the Humor category.

Shaffer lives in Kentucky with his wife, novelist Tiffany Reisz. Bakery owner Jillian Green's best friend is getting married. Preparations for the desserts-only reception are well under way until the news that the sheriff has been shot. A native Kentuckian, she enjoys introducing readers to the charms of the Bluegrass State by setting many of her books there.

Standing in shock at the grave of her husband, Claire Avery wonders what she and her daughters will do now. Struggling for answers, she accepts her brother-in-law's offer to stay at his beach house at Edisto. Even the peace and beauty of the coastal island bring new problems and unexpected joys as Claire seeks to find her way.

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Author Lin Stepp has been on faculty at Tusculum College for over 16 years and has worked in marketing, sales, production art, and regional publishing for over 25 years. When a video call between friends captures a shocking incident no one was supposed to see, the secrets it exposes threaten to change lives forever. Her new novel, Cherokee America , was released in February of this year and praised in the New York Times as a gift to historical fiction lovers and as "an essential corrective to the racially tinged myths created to justify the annihilation of indigenous cultures and the theft of native lands.

The Vine That Ate the South is a mesmerizing fantasia ambitiously grappling with the contradictions of the contemporary American South while considering how well we know our own family and friends. It was praised by NPR as "one of the smartest, most original Southern Gothic novels to come along in years. Wilkes is an artist, author, and musician living in Paducah. The Birds of Opulence centers on generations of women in a southern black township as they live with and sometimes surrender to madness.

A rom-com-obsessed romantic waiting for her perfect leading man learns that life doesn't always go according to a script in this delightfully charming and funny novel. Two sisters riven by tragedy struggle to heal themselves and their family. Set in Kentucky and in the natural beauty and danger of an Indian tiger reserve, this story is about saving all that is precious, from endangered species to familial bonds.

Her record of publishing and productions includes poetry, plays, fiction, and memoir. Bernard Clay grew up in the west end of Louisville, Kentucky. He currently lives in Berea. She leads writing workshops and retreats in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond. His 14th children's book, Falling Water , co-author Anna Smucker was published in His poems have been anthologized by many universities, including Kent State.

Appointed , he is seventh Poet Laureate of West Virginia. Black women freedom fighters have braved violence, scorn, despair, and isolation in order to lodge their protests. Similar to her creative process, Hill's research is interdisciplinary. She teaches creative writing at the University of Kentucky. This is a collection of poems written in the imagined, posthumous voice of Abraham Lincoln. Maurice Manning's seventh collection of poetry is Railsplitter. He is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a former Guggenheim fellow. He teaches at Transylvania University.

Map to the Stars , the fourth poetry collection from National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize finalist Adrian Matejka, navigates the tensions between race, geography, and poverty in America during the Reagan Era. In the time of space shuttles and the Strategic Defense Initiative, outer space is the only place equality seems possible. Adrian Matejka was born in Nuremberg, Germany in and grew up in Indianapolis.

Miranda-Straub relates personal and professional experiences with trauma, resilience, and transformation. Her writings exalt the grit and grace of humanity. She has read and performed in Kentucky and throughout the US and lives in Louisville. Poetry generated by Lee Pennington's experiences in a Kentucky mountain community, where he literally put his own life on the line to protect his students who had published a book of poetry expressing their feelings.

In , he was designated Kentucky Poet Laureate. Broken Frequencies confronts the disconnect between present and past. Each poem searches for meaning in an otherwise random sequence of events which lean always toward relationships which lend significance to our lives connections between those we love and those we have lost and the many possible futures each moment implies.

His work has appeared in numerous literary publications. This debut poetry collection explores what it is to be a queer woman in Appalachia and is rooted in its culture and in the author's body. Misty Skaggs tells the stories of generations of women who have learned to navigate a harsh world with a little help from the Farmer's Almanac and the stars. The collection is separated into 3 sections that reference the best times to grow and harvest. Skaggs still lives in and works from a holler in Elliott County, where she tends to her poetry, her Mamaw, and her garden. She is an artist and activist as well as an author and editor, and her Appalachian roots are tightly entangled in her work.

Second Skin by Katerina Stoykova discusses the horrors of growing up in domestic violence and focuses on some of the long-term effects of such upbringings. Stoykova is both author and translator of Second Skin. Katerina owns and operates Accents Publishing. Bittersweet poems of childhood, home, and life with an alcoholic father. Allison Thorpe pen name of Sylvia Ahrens has published several collections of poetry, received grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women, and works as a writing mentor at the Carnegie Center.

She serves on the board of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference. Jayne Moore Waldrop is a writer, attorney, and eighth-generation Kentuckian. He has lectured, conducted workshops, read poetry and exhibited at over national conferences and universities. One Light is a story in poetry about a mother and daughter who each take their turn at care-giving.

Award-winning poet Jeff Worley returns with a chapbook of short poems, several previously published but all brought together here for the first time. The result is a distillation of his ever-present wit and scattered bits of wisdom accumulated over seventy years, a spirit as pure and clear and bracing as any backwoods liquor. Jeff Worley is the current Poet Laureate of Kentucky.

Her son, John K. Young, is a professor in the English department at Marshall University, specializing in histories of textual production in the American and British literatures of the 20th and 21st centuries. Elliot Ackerman sits in a refugee camp in southern Turkey, across the table from a man named Abu Hassar, who fought for al-Qaeda in Iraq.

At first, Ackerman pretends to have been a journalist during the Iraq War, but after establishing a rapport with Abu Hassar, he reveals that he was a Marine. This extraordinary memoir tells why Ackerman came to that refugee camp and what he hoped to find there. His work has appeared in the New York Times and many other publications. He is both a former White House Fellow and a Marine. An explosive, first-hand account of the dangers Acosta faces reporting on the current White House while fighting on the front lines in the war on truth. He previously reported on the Obama administration from the White House and around the world.

He regularly covers presidential press conferences, visits by heads of state, and issues impacting the executive branch of the federal government. Acosta's visit is sponsored by Campbellsville University. After his divorce, Adams wanted a more meaningful role in the lives of his children.

The Sandi Webster Mysteries

He turned around his priorities, focused on parenting, and established a set of principles that he believes will work for any divorced father. Adams is a successful real estate agent in Louisville. But his main occupation, for the past 10 years, has been as a father to his children after his divorce.

It has become his new definition of success. His wife Lee has compiled a commemorative calendar featuring some of the breathtaking images Jim shot over the years. Where's My Pizza strives to teach you how to identify expectation, demonstrates the spectrum of expectation, and finally how to leverage the power of expectation to work to your advantage so you can begin creating the life you've always desired.

Larry Armstead II is an expectation coach and inspirational speaker. This is your personal guide to walk, roll, and stroll your way across Kentucky. This newly revised full-color edition describes over 80 hikes, urban walks, and public gardens, complete with maps, photos, and side trips. Valerie Askren is the author of several outdoor guide books. The mother of four, Valerie lives in Lexington, Kentucky. A rare bone cancer robbed Jarrett Mynear of a normal childhood when he was two years old, but it didn't steal his spirit.

At age 9, he became a pint-sized Santa Claus, delivering thousands of toys to sick children in hospitals. This is the story of his legacy 20 years later. He is well known for his weekly feature segment, "Spirit of the Bluegrass. October marks the th anniversary of the Volstead Act.

Bob Batchelor covers the life of the man who ran the largest bootlegging operation in America and was considered one of the best criminal defense lawyers of his era. Batchelor has published widely on American history and literature, including books on Stan Lee and Bob Dylan.

He teaches at Miami University in Ohio. Bourbon has continued to grow as the spirit of choice by alcohol lovers across the globe, but many drinkers have a limited understanding of how bourbon is made. A university professor for 50 years, Dr. Berra has developed this authoritative guidebook on bourbon in a straightforward format.

Tim and his wife Rita live in Bellville, OH. At a farm in Henry County, Kentucky, Tanya Berry photographed a celebratory ritual of farm life: hog killing. Her visit is sponsored by the Snowy Owl Foundation, Inc. The indispensable writings of our foremost voice on the current ecological and cultural crisis, more relevant now than ever, in a special two-volume edition prepared in consultation with the author.

Wendell Berry, a novelist, poet, farmer, and environmental writer and activist, has published over 50 books. A fresh look at Union Col. Ron Blair, who is the great-great-nephew of Col. He has lectured on the subject of Wolford and the Civil War in various cities and states, and has contributed to several Civil War publications. He and his wife live in Lexington, KY. James Duane Bolin writes the definitive biography of legendary Kentucky basketball coach, Adolph Rupp—from his childhood in rural Kansas through his unprecedented career.

Bolin is professor emeritus of history at Murray State University. This work provides a contemporary and refreshing examination of the American presidency through the prism of race and race relations in America, revealing a long complicated relationship between the US presidency and the African American community. Weaving together the history of the Senate with lively portraits of 15 prominent Kentucky lawmakers, Sen.

Roy E. He is former deputy chief of staff and counsel to Sen. This book captures the people, places, and things that are the essence of the Bluegrass State. Linda Bruckheimer is an American novelist, photographer, and preservationist. Raised in Kentucky, her family moved to California when she was a teenager, a trip that inspired her novels Dreaming Southern and The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way as well as her passion for photography.

She divides her time between Kentucky and L. Beautifully rendered and rippling with family dysfunction, secrets, deaths, alcoholism, and old resentments, Shonda Buchanan's memoir is an inspiring story that explores her family's legacy of being African Americans with American Indian roots. Literary editor of Harriet Tubman Press, Buchanan is an award-winning poet and educator. She is also the author of Who's Afraid of Black Indians? From to , Louisville became a larger part of the American Industrial Revolution. Bryan S. Bush details those behind the massive industry in the City of Progress.

Bush was born in Louisville and has been a native ever since. He has been a member of many different Civil War historical preservation societies; consulted for movie companies and other authors; coordinated with museums on displays of various articles and artifacts; written for magazines; and worked for different historical sites. With the help of a savvy lawyer, he escaped justice for years until a relative shot him dead. Casey Cep brings this story to life while offering a portrait of one of the country's most beloved writers. Phil in theology at Oxford. Erin Chandler weaves her own lessons and struggles with our histories most celebrated artists and thinkers from Albert Camus to Tennessee Williams to Anthony Bourdain.

She teaches playwriting and screenwriting at the Carnegie Center, has a weekly column in the Woodford Sun and a second novel in the works. Lifelong Kentuckian Joe Cox has chronicled a variety of interesting lives, games, and rivalries in writing about the inherent human drama of sports. He has been part of 8 different sports books since An anthology of stories, essays, and poems, by people born between and who have lived or are living now near the Ohio River featuring more than pages of lush, provocative, and accessible prose and poetry that will appeal to baby boomers and the people who love them.

The story braids together the region's past with present-day descriptions and reflections on its changes. Dahlman is professor of communications and humanities at Milligan College. The book breaks down the baseball season from spring training through the World Series and also examines the year in pop culture. He currently lives in Brownsburg, Indiana. Juilee Decker is associate professor of museum studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She has curated numerous exhibitions and served as a consultant to public art projects and programs in the US.

Hunter S. Thompson is often misremembered as a wise-cracking, drug-addled cartoon character. This book reclaims him for what he truly was: a fearless opponent of corruption and fascism, one who sacrificed his future well-being to fight against it, rewriting the rules of journalism and political satire in the process. Professor Joshua A. Douglas of the University of Kentucky College of Law teaches and researches election law and voting rights, civil procedure, constitutional law, and judicial decision making.

Accessible to both casual hikers and seasoned naturalists alike, this book is the only comprehensive natural guide to the Red River Gorge. Dan Dourson is a wildlife biologist who worked with the US Forest Service specializing in nongame management. He is the author of 10 books. Volume 5 of the Kentucky's Everyday Heroes series profiling everyday Kentuckians who nobly live their daily lives inspiring others along the way.

Steve Flairty is a teacher, public speaker and an author of 7 books. With recipes ranging from simple to elegant, the authors take the stress out of preparing the perfect meal for any occasion. A diverse group of authors, primarily from Kentucky, have written more than 40 non-fiction stories about Christmas in Appalachia from to the present. James M. Wayne Onkst is the retired Kentucky state librarian and archivist. The Willows House also features a BBQ and outdoor seating area plus an indoor fireplace, all in the heart of Wanaka town.

Renovated in December , our apartments have brand new interiors whilst still retaining their classic Wanaka holiday charm. Warm and cosy after skiing or hiking, and cool and breezy in summer, The Willows Wanaka Apartments are situated on a large square metre block in the middle of town with spectacular mountain views. The main shopping streets of Wanaka are a 1 minute walk away, and the lake only a few extra minutes. Our sunny apartments are equipped with all the modern comforts you need for the perfect holiday, including new kitchens for those keen to cook at home.

Save Money. All Bookings are Secure. Instant Booking Confirmation. Best Price Guaranteed. Member since: 13 Jan. Please first select your dates, rooms and guest number. OR Tambo Cultural Precinct. Clear All Close Popup. Entire place. Sleeping arrangements. A lovely place for a quiet weekend away! The hot tub is fantastic and the alpacas just outside are brilliant!!! Kim left plenty of information about the local area and the house was spotless.

Thanks Kim. A lovely place to stay, we used everything the hot tub was great the jacuzzi bath was great, my partner loved the alpacas and we were very grateful to be left a bag of alpaca feed. Lots of nice touches would definitely recommend.

A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1) A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1)
A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1) A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1)
A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1) A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1)
A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1) A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1)
A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1) A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1)
A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1) A Well-Kept Family Secret (The Sandi Webster Mysteries Book 1)

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