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He has three children and four grandchildren.

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He considers this to be his single greatest accomplishment in life. Recent press about The Sicilian Project, enlarge images to view.

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Please donate generously. Be a Personal or a Corporate Sponsor. Love your site. Rosemarie If anyone can help with this rhyme, [ Tamara Chambers wrote asking for help with an Italian rhyme that you play with a baby on your lap. We lost her 5 years […] [ My mother used to say it but she was mumbling […] [ Gina wrote looking for help with a hand game… My grandfather whose father was fully Italian, use to have a hand play he did with me.

I don't know the full words to it but would like to know. His mother who was fully Italian died and his father remarried a fully german lady, so [ Chi beddu stu cappiduzzu. Chi beddu stu cappiduzzu Italy.

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How Beautiful is this Hat. Nursery Rhyme. Sicilian Dialect. Chi beddu stu cappiduzzu Chi beddu saporito Quannu mi l'ha mettiri Quannu mi fazz'u zitu Scinnu pi lu Cassuru Scinnu pi li Banneri E tutti chi me ricuni Bongiorno cavaleri! Game Instructions Rosaspina wrote that this nursery rhyme is sung at the table while eating a tangerine. Comments Grazia wrote about this song on her site here translated into English : " Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements Many thanks to Ann Mancini for contributing and translating this song with her Mom, Dorothy Dietrich the song was taught to her by her grandmother, Maria Ferrantelli. Mama Lisa's Books Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. Kid Songs Around The World. Paperback on Amazon. Attorney Alfred M. The book is already available as a Kindle download from www.

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The soft cover book will be available at www. The book, which will be released in three weeks, takes a humorous and serious look at everyday life in Sicily.

Zappala lives in Aci Catena, Sicily most of the year and returns to the states to teach law and to public speak on Sicily every winter. His book also talks about the important Sicilian Project that he founded which is currently a program that teaches English to Sicilian students in Sicily.

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Zappala speaks publicly on Sicily and has traveled extensively these past two year locally educating the public about Sicilian culture, his writings and The Sicilian Project.

Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu
Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu
Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu
Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu
Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu
Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu
Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu
Figghiu Beddu Figghiu Beddu

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