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Grayson 4th Grade - Mrs. Gregory 4th Grade - Mrs.

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Silverman 4th Grade - Ms. Beaton 4th Grade - Ms. Wuerfl 5th Grade - Mr. Mastrangelo 5th Grade - Mrs. Dykens 5th Grade - Mrs. Sena 5th Grade - Ms. Bernstein 5th Grade - Ms. Delehanty 5th Grade - Ms. Dempsey 5th Grade - Ms. Colella Administration - Counselor: Mrs. Preble Administration - Curriculum Coordinator: Mrs. Norah Grimes Administration - Secretary: Mrs. Famiglietti Administration - Vice Principal: Ms. Horgan ELL - Ms.

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Sophia Grayson Math - Mrs. Letterie Nurse: Mrs. Chen Reading - Mrs. McGunigle Reading - Ms. Ball Special Education - Mr. DeFelice Special Education - Mrs.

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Barker Special Education - Mrs. Perrotta Special Education - Mrs. Multiplication and Division Quiz. Addition Facts Teaching Computer. Subtraction Facts Teaching Computer. Multiplication Facts Teaching Computer. Brain Builder. Math teacher resources for every grade. Click on one of the math flash cards to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division math facts. Then, just type in the answer.

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If your answer is correct, the math flash card will change color. When doing math practice with addition or multiplication flash cards, you can set the biggest number of the math facts to be added or multiplied by clicking on a number below the flashcards. Click on the check mark at the bottom to keep score! You can choose the number of flash cards by clicking up and down by the 25 default.

Then type in the answer and click the card to flip it.

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The left counter increases for each correct answer; the right counter counts the number of flash cards you've done. If the answer isn't right, the correct answer will display to the right of the counter when you flip the flash card.

When you're done, your math practice score will be shown on the screen. Click the math teacher's apple to return to the math flash cards home page. Terry awakens at home and is dropped in on by Sarah, who has had a change of heart and gives her a contact. After nearly being tortured with a reciprocating saw , Terry escapes and frightens the embassy receptionist into calling the police, who escort her away from Talbot. After realizing the police are unwilling to let her go to warn Jack and are arresting her, Terry blinds the driver and escapes from the crashed police cruiser.

She rushes to the bank to warn Jack, but the KGB and Talbot are already there, masquerading as bankers. Terry is ordered to tell Jack nothing's wrong, but she tricks Talbot into sitting on a chair adjusted for a pregnant employee, causing him to fall over. One of Talbot's henchmen opens fire on the office with an Uzi , sending everyone diving for cover. Terry manages to type out her warning about the contact being a setup to Jack, but Talbot grabs her before she can send it and the two begin fighting. Talbot's other henchman, Carl, grabs Terry and is about to kill her when he is shot by Marty.

After Marty shoots the gunman, Terry manages to bite Talbot's groin and send Jack the message as Talbot collapses, saving him. Marty then reveals to Terry that he is really Peter Caen, one of the CIA contacts on the frying pan, and gives Jack the correct contact to ensure his safe return.

That same evening, Terry arrives at the restaurant where she and Jack had planned to have dinner together, but she becomes despondent when Jack never shows up. As the restaurant is closing, Peter arrives and tells Terry that Jack isn't coming because of another engagement. Terry is crushed, but Peter comforts her, saying how much Jack wanted to see her.

The next morning, Terry's co-workers are discussing the news that Mr. Page is being promoted and transferred to Silver Springs and that she will be taking over his old position. Terry is still depressed about the night before, but receives a "Knock, Knock" message on her terminal from Jack. Terry berates him for not showing up, even as he tries to placate her with thanks from the Queen. When she slams her glasses down in frustration, Jack advises against it, and Terry realizes he can see her.

When he reaches over her shoulder to type on her keyboard, Terry turns and sees Jack Jonathan Pryce for the first time. He embraces her, thanking her personally for saving his life and offers to make it up to her by taking her out to dinner again. Terry introduces him to her co-workers, who all greet Jack warmly, including Mr.

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Page now sans hairpiece , who now seems to have a newfound respect for Terry. The film ends with Terry and Jack leaving with the entire office applauding and the credits roll. Production of the film, originally conceived as a vehicle for Shelley Long , was problematic. The script was troubled and would often be rewritten on the set.

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It began with Howard Zieff as director. However, he was replaced early in the production by Penny Marshall. The soundtrack album was released on LP and cassette by Mercury Records , and later reissued on compact disc by Spectrum.

Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash
Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash
Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash
Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash
Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash
Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash
Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash
Mr & Mrs Flash Mr & Mrs Flash

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